How are you?


Hi! I’m still aware that there are no people reading my blog hehe but ya let’s pretend- I’m great at that lool

How have you been y’all?

I’m writing this in my dad’s office- not really. He’s a manager at a gas station and I’m here chillin while he does his work hehe

Not much has happened to me or my life. Joke Bangtan is killing me especially Yoongi ugh I’m going to sue him someday for hurting me like this. 😉

There’s a bunch of people here who’s having a meeting and I have to say, they aren’t even having a meeting they’re just talking about random stuff and laughing like is this even a meeting?


I should be sitting on the seats that faces the window but I on’t want anyone creeping up on me or reading or watching on what I’m doing haha I’m weird forgive meee

Honestly this is like the first time of me using a laptop or at least writing inside my dad’s office. I’m just here in the chill area of the store (i guess?) and I’m gonna call it office because why not?

Anyways, I don’t have much to talk about but yeah I hope you’re happy and healthy. You’ll overcome all those works in school yeah? You can do it, fighting!


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