Regular Classes

First week of Regular Classes are done!!

Last week (July 18 – 22) was our first regular week of school. Our schedules are pretty weird to be honest.

On Monday we have Math as our subject for the whole day. Yes, the whole freaking day. 7:15 am to 1:45 pm.

On Tuesday we have Social Studies from 7:15 to 10:15 after that we have our break time then 10:45 – 1:45 is our Filipino time.

On Wednesday our dismissal is 3:00 pm so starting from 7:30 – 10:30 is our MAPEH time (Music, Arts, PE, Health) then break and 11:00 to 3:00 pm is our Life Labs or TLE

Let me just tell you, Life Labs a.k.a TLE is so different because TLE in my old school is just cooking but TLE in my current school is all about helping you what to do in certain life situations.

Weird right? Everything seems so different.

Moving on,

On Thursday we have our dismissal I think 2:00 pm but it doesn’t matter because we have English as our subject for the whole day.

The Schedule on friday is not yet final but we had Science for the whole day but yeah it’s not final yet.

Second week of school and I’m starting to like someone, a guy. I don’t even know him geez.

but he’s appeling to me so yeah but I don’t have any plans on getting close with him. Seeing his face is enough for me (pak)

I remember that the school said everything wasn’t final yet; the classrooms, teachers, the sections. But on thursday it was finally official what each of the student’s classes was.

I was still at 8B and I was happy about it. I didn’t want to change sections. ever. I just think it’s hassle for me to stay in one classroom then suddenly switched.

After everyday, not really, we (as in me and my friend) go eat at Mcdonalds then we go home.

So that’s it actually! I hope you liked this post of mine about my regular classes. Sorry it was short there was not much to talk about. I met a few students and that was it.

Anyways, bye!

‘Till next time, Ashley.


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