First Day of School

Hello Reader!

So today is my first day of school (July 12) and I woke up really early around 4:30 because the distance of my home and school is very far away so I have to get up early to avoid being late.

I was done preparing myself and hauled a jeepney so I could travel to my school which is probably a 30 minute travel.

Waiting for a jeepney took like 10 – 15 minutes which was kinda frustrating since I was standing on the street waiting for one specific jeep.

Finally I found the jeep I was suppose to ride to get to my school. As I said, it took like 30 minutes to get there and I left the house at 5:30-ish.

Okay this is a bit tricky so bare with me.

So this jeep I’m in is going to a highway and in the highway, there’s this village type of street and inside that village was my school so I got off the jeep and walk aaallll the way to my school.

It was tiring but I looked on the bright side to think it was a small exercise. I haven’t walked around the neighborhood playing Pokemon Go so why not? 😀

Getting to my school, It had a huge quadrangle (Rectangular shaped) and the school occupied the sides of it. I walked up to the stairs and waited outside of the faculty room.

I was going to ask where my classroom was because they didn’t gave me any information where and what my section is.

As the teacher came out, I asked. She told me it was on the third (and last) floor. I got up there and notice the classroom doors had a name list on them. I checked 8A (8 is 2nd year) and my name wasnt there so I moved on to 8B.

Soon, I found my name on it so I laid my back on the railing and waited for  the teacher to come.

As I waited, I saw one of my old enemies and old “friend” in my old school. Anxiety kicked in because I was nervous that she might be my classmate.

I took a glance on the 8B name list again and saw her name. I slightly rolled my eyes and went back to lay my back on the railings.

The teacher, or our class advisor, came in and followed him. He introduced himself and everything.

I noticed that we don’t have separate. They have four tables enough for 4 students on the width and one student on each length.

He gave us the schedule on what to do through out the entire week. He said that there might be no classes on Friday because of the grade 7’s NAT.

He discussed the guidelines and ruled of the school and the grade system kinda took me off guard.

Nevermind that though.

I met two girls and I’m a horrible person for not remembering both of their names. I. Am. A. Horrible. Person.

When break came I was very disappointed on the cafeteria. I don’t even think it’s a cafeteria mainly because it was on the en of the hall, it was a classroom andit had two tables that showed food and drinks.

Imagine entering a room with three people behind two large tables with spaghetti, rice and viand and ice tea.

It literally does NOT look like a cafeteria.

The school even said “we have high expectations for you!” Well, us students have high expectations too for you school!

-sigh- lol I’m sorry hehe moving on ^^”

It was dismissal and everyone went home. Except me.

I was sitting on the first table which was near the door (we were called group 1) we were the first to get dismissed.

My ex-enemy suddenly approached me and asked:

“Are you gonna go home right away?” I responded with a No because I was planning to go to this mall near my home to buy some frappe (not starbucks im not rk lmao)

So when I told her that, she said that she wanted to come with me because she didn’t want to go home yet so me of course I just went with the flow and we left the school having small talks.

We hauled a jeep after crossing the street and went to the mall.

I have to say, it was kinda awkward at first but I felt a bit comfortable talking again with her.

I remember when we got to the mall she said: “I hope there’s no students here in our old school.” I agreed because our fight was pretty huge and it spread.

So if someone finds us together then it will spread in our old school. Kids.

After buying our frappe’s we were thinking of visiting our old school. At first I thought it was a bad idea because they will see us together and stuff. But other than that I think it’s great because it’s been a long time since I last saw my friends.

But we remembered it was their first Mid-quarter exam so their dismissal is around 10:30 in the morning but our dismissal is 12:00 pm.

So we decided to just visit tomorrow but with only one of our friends (Andrea) to visit and go walk around the mall.

After that, she went home, I went home and here I am writing this.

I’m so tired so I’m gonna take a nap and it’s 6:00 pm here so why not? :DDD


How was your first day of school? 🙂






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